ASIA LINE Band Jakarta


ASIA LINE’s birth was inevitable after the demand of cafés increased for more IP ENTERTAINMENT bands. The third and the youngest among IP Bands offer nothing less but energy, youth and all out performances every night in a rockish and street jam fashion. The first years of ASIA LINE was tough but colorful since it premiered on September 2003 because it opened better oportunities to their members as two of the original vocalists made it to the top 100 of the Indonesian Idol 2005. Since then, ASIA LINE has been instilled with the concept of having competitive and promising members. To date, they have performed at their country’s premiere clubs such as Hard Rock Café Jakarta and Bali, Score Makassar, and recently at Hard Rock Café Kuala Lumpur, ASIA LINE also has proven that they could perform in line (or if not better) at the then “all-foreign acts” Ten Club, Surabaya extending their initial stint for another 45 days.



Instrument : Vocals

Gear : Shure Beta 58 (Cable)

Musical Influences : Rock, Alternative, Pop & R&B

Musical Preferences : Alternative

Musical Training : Vocal Training under Ms. Ime Iman 2003-2004

Awards / Citations : Best speaker in english debate competition, UNAIR Surabaya

Events : Philips Employee Gathering, CNI, Station TV Gathering, Hot Shot Anniversary, Pisa Café Anniversary, Jalan Jalan Café Anniversary, IBL, DHL, Bank Mandiri

Performed with : Tere, Coklat, Syaharani, Ari Lasso, Wong Pitoe, Audy, Riz/, X-men, Boogie, OP, Feby Febiola, Dewi Sandra

Band History : Clinic Band 2002-2003, Beda Band 2003-2004, MDS 2004-2005

Educational Attainment: Tourism, Universtas Airlangga (Unair), Undergraduate

Other Job Experiences: Sales Promotion Girl, Analyzer

Birthplace : Surabaya


Instrument : Vocals

Gear : Shure Beta58

Educational Attainment: English Major, Brawijaya University

Events : Backing vocals for Indonesian Singers,

: Opening Band for The Malang Jazz Festival

Awards / Citations : Top 100: Indonesian Idol 2004 & 2005

Performed with : Sayaharani (2003), Deddy Dhukun (2003), Mus Mujono (2004)

Band History : Aishiteru Band 1999 (Surabaya), Next Band 2005 (Malang), BATIKA Acoustic 2001 (Malang), Potato Band 2002 (Malang), Simplefink Band 2003 (Malang)

Birthplace : Lumajang


Instrument : Vocals

Musical Preferences : R n B, Hip Hop, Alternative

Awards / Citations : Top 30: Indonesia Idol 1 2004

Performed with : Baim, Delon, Dewi Sandra, Katon Bagaskara

Band History : Be One 2003, 7T 2004, One Vision 2005, Gypsy Can 2005

Venues : Tavern Hyatt Regency Surabaya, Savat Club Semarang, Q Club Surabaya, Haha Café Manado, Colors Pub Surabaya

Educational Attainment: Accountancy, UPN 'Veteran' Jakarta 1997


Instrument : Guitar

Gear : PRS Guitar Type CE 22, PRS SE Series, GFX-8 Multi-Effect Processor

Musical Influences : Metallica, Joe Satriani, Extreme

Musical Preferences : “Everything about rock"

Musical Training : Yasmi 1988-1990

Discography : "Indy Colors Kompilasi" with X-men 2000

Events : Safri Duo Front Act, JW Marriott Surabaya 2003

: New Year's Eve at Hotel Nikko Bali

Performed with : Safri Duo, Gigi, Rif/, Coklat, Naif, Katon Bagaskara, Slank

Band History : Soundgraphy 1990-1992, Alakazam 1993-1995, X-Men 1996-2004, Karpet 2003-2004

Other Job Experiences: Back Office, Bank Umum Nasional 1995-1997

: Wirawisata Expedisi

Birthplace : Surabaya


Instrument : Piano / Keyboard

Gear : Korg 01/ED, Triton Korg, Roland MC 505 Groovebox, Roland VS 1880, Roland SP-606 Sampler

Musical Influences : Genesis, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Queen, The Beatles, Bryan Adams and many more…

Musical Preferences : Alternative Rock, Progressive

Musical Training : Piano and Guitar, Yayasan Musik Indonesia 1984-1987

Other Musical Skills : Guitar

Awards / Citations : Best Keyboard Player: Festival Rock Jawa-Bali 1989

: Second Placer: Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja Coca Cola 1989

: First Placer: Rock Festival Log Zhelebar with Andromeda Band

Discography : "Album Konser Rock" Andromeda Band 1989

: "Album Kompilasi" Andromeda Band 1989

: "Album Kompilasi" Mr. Q 1998 (Aquarius Records)

: "Indy Colors Kompilasi" Dynasty Band 2000

: "Terbaik Untukmu" Tic Band 2002

: “Mata Hati" Tic Band 2003

Events : Soundrenalin with Tic Band

Performed with:Nicky Astria, Achmad Albar, Ikang Fauzy, Harry Mukti, Arthur Kaunang, Syaharani, Tri Utami, Ita Purnamasari, Nike Ardila, Inka Christie, Yuni Shara and many more…

Band History : Big Panzer 1988-1989, Rock Tricle Band 1989, Andromeda Band 1989-1994, Mr-Q 1994-1998, Dynasty Band 1998-2001, Tic Band 2001-2004

Educational Attainment: Bachelor's Degree in Law, Universitas 17 Agustus 1945, 1993

Other Job Experiences: Colors Production (Event Organizer)

Birthplace :Surabaya


Instrument : Bass Guitar

Gear : Fender Jazz Bass USA '96, Sans Amp Bass Driver (StompBox)

Musical Influences : Mr. Big, Toto, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Helloween, Gigi, Rif/

Musical Preferences : Rock, Pop

Other Musical Skills : Guitar, Drums

Events : Standard Chartered Promo PTC Surabaya, Mc Donald's Gathering Party Jatim, Emomi Paiton, Newmont Sumbawa New Year's Eve Party

Performed with :Katon Bagaskara, Dewi Sandra, Helena, Nina Warna, Tina Toon, Ari Lasso, Lisa Natalia, Miki AFI

Band History : Fiftynine 1998, Pose 2000, Dinasty IX 2002, X-men 2003-2005

Venues : Seal Café, Dewata Café, Triple T, Bale Barong, Sphinx Café, Laga Pub, Hugos Malang, Cankir Café, Colors Pub Surabaya, Losta Masta, Tavern Hyatt Hotel Surabaya, Hugos Surabaya, The Club Jogja, Java Café, D'Boss

Educational Attainment: Information Management, Stikom Surabaya 1996

Other Job Experiences : Technician: Komputer Blaster Comp, The Surabaya Mall

Birthplace : Tabanan – Bali


Instrument : Drummer

Gear : Cymbal Crash 16" Paiste, Cymbal Splash 10" Zildjian ZBT

Musical Influences : Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Korn

Musical Preferences : Alternative Rock, Rock, Pop

Musical Training : SMU 17 Agustus 1945, Surabaya

Other Musical Skills : Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Awards / Citations : The Best Drum Festival Waroeng Java 1998

: The Best Drum Festival Parkir Timur Jakarta 1999

Discography : "Untukmu Sahabat" Frequensi 2002

: "Indie Colors Kompilasi" Dinasty - IX 2000

Events : PRJ 2002, PRS 2003, Tour Djarum (Mojokerto, Kediri, Jember, Pare)

Performed with : Ari Lasso, Dewi Sandra, Baim, Titi DJ, Yunika, Ita Purnamasari

Band History : Dinasty - IX 1997-2002, Frequensi 9 2002, Marvel 2004,

Birthplace : Surabaya


Venue Dates

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_September 2003.

Hard Rock Café Bali_October - December 2003

JE Café Malang_April 2004.

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_June - August 2004.

Hugos Café Jogjakarta_September - November 2004

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_December 2004 - January 2005

Colors Pub Surabaya_January - March 2005

Color Beat, Blue Sky Hotel Balikpapan_June - July 2005

Score, Makassar_August - September 2005

GPs Pub, Hotel Gran Puri Manado_November - December 2005

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_January - February 2006

Hard Rock Café Bali_March - April 2006

Score, Makassar_May - June 2006

Ten Club Coyote Bar, Surabaya_July - November 2006

Hard Rock Café Kuala Lumpur_December 2006 - January 2007

Hard Rock Café Bali_February - April 2007

Ten Club Coyote Bar, Surabaya_May – June 2007

Boshe VVIP Club, Jogjakarta _July – September 2007

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_November 2007 – January 2008

Hard Rock Café Bali_February – April 2008

Ten Club Coyote Bar,Surabaya_May – June 2008

Cheers, Purwokerto_July – Augustus 2008

Flame Malang_October 2008

Hard Rock Café Jakarta_November 2008 – January 2009

Liquid Makasar_February – Maret 2009



THE UNTOUCHABLES_12 December 2005

Hotel Gran Puri Manado with Suci (Indonesian Idol)


Hard Rock Café Bali Tour at Redboxx Surabaya_29 March 2006

Hard Rock Café Bali Tour at E Plaza, Semarang_30 March 2006


Ten Club Coyote Bar_18 March 2007

Boshe VVIP Club_20 March 2007

E Plaza, Semarang_22 March 2007

Cathay Pacific Agent’s Gathering_21 November 2007

Hard Rock Café Jakarta

Samsung’s Road To Beijing 2008_22 November 2007

Hard Rock Café Jakarta.

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